If you have any brains within you, you’ll go check out Jeff Lemire’s "The Underwater Welder", because that is an absolutely brilliant piece of literature, accompanied with some tremendous artwork. Lemire’s already proven his mettle to me with his great work on DC’s Justice League Dark, but this… holy shimoly Queen Crimoly, this thing was amazing.

The writing is poignant, and the tale Lemire puts together is captivating. It’s a story of one boy’s loss right when he’s on the cusp of a life-changing gain. I picked this up, and was just going to read the first chapter or so, and go on with the day, but I could not set it down. Yes, that’s a cliché, but seriously - I started reading, and could not stop. You’re immediately pulled underwater with Jack Joseph, 33 years old, the Underwater Welder, and you don’t want to surface - you want to stay below, following him as he explores the depths of the ocean as he plunges through the depths of his mind. All of this writing blends perfectly with Lemire’s art, which is just as intriguing as the tale he wrote.

Please, I implore you, go pick up a copy of this book. It’s phenomenal, and belongs in any self-respecting comic fan’s collection. Hell, if you like to read, you need to pick this up.

"The Underwater Welder" is written/illustrated by Jeff Lemire, from Top Shelf Productions